Putting your life into boxes

At The Move Team we know how stressful it can be packing up all your belongings into boxes ready for the big day. Having to make sure your breakables are packed it such a way that they won’t break in transit, also making sure everything that you will need straight away is at the top! It can be a logistical nightmare! But with our wonderful packing service you can rest easy knowing that everything is ready for moving. Our team based in London are packing experts. Boasting years of experience in helping people move and being trained on the best way to pack. the move team not only helps you transport your belongings safely, we can also make sure your possessions are packed securely. Give us a call for a quote on 0208 649 9988 or complete an online quote form.  

Got enough boxes?

So you know you are moving for months now, you have been trying to collect the odd box here and there to put your stuff in, but nobody uses boxes now! Here at The Move Team we have partnered with We Do Boxes ( so we can order boxes for you from our box supplier at preferential rates and deliver these to you well in advance of your move. Stocking a wide range of boxes, including wardrobe boxes to hang your clothes in, ordering boxes through us makes packing so much easier. Contact us today and find out more about all of our packing services, all designed to help take the stress out of moving. As The Move Team are you source for a top quality moving service in London and the UK.